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      Vibram FiveFingers revolutionized the footwear industry in 2005. Vibram rubber soles have been used in many different hiking, mountaineering, trail, and running shoes. The introduction of the FiveFingers line challenged the notion that feet need to be corrected by shoes. These glove-like shoes are meant to replicate the sensation of being barefoot. The thin, flexible soles are contoured to the shape of the human foot. Additionally, there are individual sections for each toe.


      While it may take some time to fully transition from traditional, cushioned running shoes to these ultra-minimalist shoes, it is well worth the wait. The benefits include increased stability and optimal balance. Also, the shoes promote forefoot strike and strengthen muscles and improve range of motion in your feet and lower legs.


      Good Sports carries a vast array of Vibram FiveFingers. We carry an assortment of styles and colors of these minimalist shoes for men, women, and kids. To optimize your outdoor performance, try the new Spyridon or the TrekSport. For basic fitness and running needs, consider the Bikila or KomodoSport, which are both available in the LS (Lacing System) versions. Voted “Most Popular” for its versatility, the KSO remains among the most popular Vibram FiveFingers styles for both men and women.


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Vibram USA’s patented Vibram FiveFingers sports shoes have been recognized for their unique biomechanical features and benefits. Vibram Five Fingers provide the user with an increased sense of pro-perception and balance, and a wider range of motion, while stimulating muscles in the feet and lower legs. Vibram FiveFingers follow the natural shape of the foot while providing a pocket for each toe to move independently. ?Vibram shoes are used for a wide range of activities, everything from running, fitness training, yoga and Pilates, to martial arts and parkour. Included in the Good Sports inventory of FiveFingers shoes are the Vibram KSO and Virbam Bikila models, among many others.