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Learn about the newest development in running when you browse Merrell's minimalist and barefoot shoes. Barefoot shoes allow you to run more naturally while strengthening the muscles in your feet, legs and more. You’ll discover how minimalist and barefoot running shoes can connect you to the ground and your surroundings by realigning, strengthening and toning your body with a more natural form of running. Find the barefoot running shoes that fit your form and style to help you connect with nature in a whole new way.


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Showing 1 - 19 ( 19 Items)

Merrell believes in encouraging everyone to get outside, be active and have fun. Beginning with Randy Merrell’s handmade boots in 1981, the company’s goal has been to make lighter and more flexible footwear for hiking, running or relaxing. Merrell shoes and Merrell boots include multi-sport and cross-training footwear designed to help you go farther, faster. In 2011, the company introduced Merrell Barefoot, a collection of low-profile, 0mm heel drop shoes for all your outside adventures. Come into Good Sports and we’ll help you choose the shoe or boot that is right for you, whether you’re looking for Merrell Chameleon, Merrell hiking boots or other Merrell shoes.