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KJUS Women's Radiation Vest Sale $171.81 Reg. $249.00
KJUS Unisex Turn Beanie Sale $40.71 Reg. $59.00
KJUS Men's Speed Reader Jacket Sale $689.31 Reg. $999.00
KJUS Men's Setup Jacket Sale $620.31 Reg. $899.00
KJUS Men's FRX Pro Jacket Sale $620.31 Reg. $899.00
KJUS Men's Caliente Halfzip Sale $158.21 Reg. $199.00
KJUS Women's Fomula Jacket Sale $620.31 Reg. $899.00
KJUS Men's Formula Pants - Short Length Sale $323.91 Reg. $549.00
KJUS Men's Formula Ski Pants Sale $323.91 Reg. $549.00

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Showing 1 - 48 ( 64 Items)

When our customers are looking for the absolute best in ski wear, we know exactly where to direct them: KJUS. In our experience, once a skier has worn Kjus ski wear, they are lifetime converts.

   One of the reason’s KJUS jackets are the best you can find is due to their expert craftsmanship. Around here we call KJUS the Ferrari of ski apparel. KJUS was born out of the mind of Switzerland’s Lasse Kjus, former Olympic skier. The company is now headed by Didier Cuche, another swiss Olympic skier. They say practice makes the master. There are few competitors with the same level of practice and mastery as Lasse and Didier.  Lasse was the first Alpine skier to win a medal in each of the five skiing disciplines. KJUS’ CEO Didier Cuche, is one of the best downhill skiers of all time.

A high-level knowledge of ski-wear is clear throughout the entire KJUS production process. From conception to design and execution. KJUS creates the most thoughtfully designed pieces in the world.

   Beginning at production, KJUS pays extreme attention to every level of its supply chain. KJUS Systems is a partner of The Fair Wear Foundation.

Fit & Technology 

The technology in each KJUS piece is extensive and impressive. So we’ll stick to the major highlights of the line and our favorite pieces.

There are a few things to keep in mind about all KJUS ski wear. First, it is waterproof and breathable. This means that you will never feel restricted or overheated. Second, it has an “athletic fit.” Even their “relaxed fit” pieces feel snug compared to most other brands. Look at the sizing chart, give us a call, or buy a size larger than you normally would. Third, KJUS ski wear will also give you the most unrestricted range of motion. They use 3D Technology in all their pieces to give you “4-way stretch.”

The KJUS Formula Ski Pant is a legacy piece, so one of the most well known and well developed KJUS pieces. KJUS put their 3D technology into all their pants. You can expect better performance and extreme freedom of movement as a result. There are four components to the 3D technology. Each component is integrated into the face, lining and insulator fabrics as well as the seams.

  • Black Magic Face Fabric: this is gender specific fabric. Men tend to run hotter, so KJUS developed fabric  optimized for breathability in their men’s pieces. Women tend to run more cold. So Black Magic fabric is optimized for heat storage. Men won’t get overheated and women won’t get cold. The material is also tough and made from wear-resistant nylon fibers. We’ve heard of people who regularly wear KJUS pieces for 10 years and have yet to see a loss of elasticity or other signs of wear.

  • 3DeFX+ Insulation: synthetic insulation that is a mix of four different microfibers.

  • Stretch inside lining: two layers of insulation. The first layer has four way stretch. The second layer is extra warm and has 2 way stretch and moisture wicking properties. This means it will absorb your sweat and pass it through to the outer surface of the material to quickly dry. Which then keeps you dry.