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Eagle Creek was born in the San Jacinto Mountains of California where Steve and Nona Barker ran a retail store called Mountain People. In 1975, they decided to put their energy full-time into pack manufacturing and began with a 1500 square foot warehouse in Solana Beach, California. Since the beginning, innovation, durability and craftsmanship have been an integral part of the brand's DNA. Today, Eagle Creek offers a full spectrum of travel solutions and can outfit any traveler for any adventure with our 4-step Travel System.


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Showing 1 - 48 ( 72 Items)

Eagle Creek is a leading travel outfitter, providing smart, innovative and durable luggage, travel bags and accessories to the savvy travaler. Founded in 1975, California-based Eagle Creek invented the adventure travel gear category, introduced the industry’s first convertible backpack on wheels, established the first complete travel solution system and is revolutionizing the way travelers pack. Visit Good Sports online or in the store for Eagle Creek luggage such as the Eagle Creek Tarmac 22, Eagle Creek Pack-It Folders, Eagle Creek Packing Cubes, Eagle Creek backpacks, Eagle Creek bags and other Eagle Creek travel gear.