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Altra Women's Intuition 3.0 Shoes Sale $60.50 Reg. $110.00
Altra Men's Instinct 3.0 Shoes Sale $60.50 Reg. $110.00
Altra Women's Lone Peak 2 Shoes Sale $66.00 Reg. $120.00
Altra Women's The Olympus Shoes Sale $71.50 Reg. $130.00

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Showing 1 - 41 ( 41 Items)

ALTRA running shoes are unique in the marketplace because they combine a zero drop sole and barefoot foot positioning with the structure and cushioning of a traditional running shoe. In total, ALTRA's 21 mm cushioning is on par with durable training shoes and provides two to five times the protection of a typical minimalist shoe. ALTRA shoes are durable enough for runners to train and complete ultra marathons in the same pair. ALTRA shoes are shaped like healthy feet. The shoes' natural foot shape also contains a Morton's toe allowance, meaning it accommodates those with a longer second toe. The toes subsequently relax and give sufficient room to the big toe, which provides not only greater foot stability, but also increased toe-off for better forward propulsion. Nearly all running shoes contain a pointed, triangular toe box, which pushes the toes together and causes the foot to de-stabilize and over-pronate. ALTRA is the only running shoe company to offer fully gender-specific footwear for both men and women. Women's feet have narrower heels, higher arches, and different forefoot positioning and ALTRA's Zero Drop shoes are built on the appropriate gender specific lasts to accommodate those differences. Good Sports will help you find the ALTRA running shoe, including Altra Olympus and Altra Paradigm, that fits you perfectly.