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Sitka Gear Men's Traverse Zip-T Shirt Sale $74.50 Reg. $149.00
Sitka Men's Kelvin Lite Vest Sale $116.61 Reg. $169.00
Sitka Men's Traverse Bottoms Sale $44.50 Reg. $89.00
Sitka Men's Core Lightweight Bottoms Sale $34.50 Reg. $69.00
Sitka Men's 90% Pants Sale $185.61 Reg. $269.00
Sitka Men's 90% Jacket Sale $199.41 Reg. $289.00
Sitka Men's Cloudburst Pants Sale $227.01 Reg. $329.00

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Showing 1 - 48 ( 53 Items)

Sitka strives to raise the standard against which all other hunting brands are measured. Sitka camo clothing is designed to solve problems experienced by their core users. Sitka's goal is to inspire, delight and enlighten hunters. The company was founded in 2005 by individuals with climbing and mountaineering experience who wanted to immerse themselves in developing new technologies and solutions for the modern outdoorsman. The Sitka clothing philosophy is: Turning Clothing Into Gear! Sitka gear is made from only the most advanced fabrics because these high-tech materials enable hunters to endure all weather conditions in optimal comfort. Visit Good Sports for Sitka hunting gear.